What is Version Control?
The Version Control is task of keeping a software system consistening of many versions and configurations well organized. You can store the version of the code.

What is Git?
Git a version control system (VCS) which keep tracking changing of the files. It allows people work and coordinate on many files together.

What is Git term?
There are many GIT commands, but I’m going to brief only the most basic commands as below.

branch : Mirror of the master with different feature and won’t affect the master plan. Lists existing branches, including remote branches if ‘-a’ is provided. Creates a new branch if a branch name is provided.
Example: git branch -a * master remotes/origin/master

clone : Clone from a remote souce and adds the original location as a remote so you can fetch from it again and push to it if you have permissions.
Example: git clone git@github.com:user/test.git

push :  Pushes all the modified local objects to the remote repository and advances its branches.
Example: git push origin master

– pull : Get the lastest files from remote repository and merges it with your local one. This command is equal to the git fetch and the git merge sequence.
Example: git pull origin

merge : Merges one or more branches inot your current branch and automatically creates a new commit if there are no conflicts.
Example: git merge newbranchversion

fetch : Fetches all the objects from the remote repository taht are not present in the local one.
Example: git fetch origin

checkout : Checks out a different branch – switches branches by updating the index, working tree, and HEAD to reflect the chosen branch.
Example: git checkout newbranch


Source: Siteground.com

Understand Basic Git Term
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