1. Get Cloudera

First, go to http://www.cloudera.com/

Click on Sign In, you will need an account to download Cloudera, if you don’t have an account yet, click on Register Now.

After finished Register or Sign In, go to http://www.cloudera.com/downloads.html to download Cloudera. Under Quick Start, click on Download Now

Select Version and Platform: Virtual Box, then click Get It Now

Download will start, you will get the zip file after finished

Extract the zip file, you will get VirtualBox image file

2. Install Cloudera

After you VirtualBox image file, you can import it to VirtualBox. Run VirtualBox, then click on Import Appliance

Select your VirtualBox image file location

After that click Next

Configure your setting. Minimum RAM requirement for this VM is 4GB. Then click on Import.

VirtualBox will start importing the appliance.

After finished import, you will able to see your Virtual Machine. Click Start to start the VM.

You will able to get to Red Hat CentOS after finish running

Cloudera Welcome page will pop up automatically.

Download & Install Cloudera on VirtualBox
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