A sad day for me. I did not just lose a pet. I lost a family member. I lost my best friend. I lost the one who always understands me. Who stays with me all the time when I feel happy or unhappy. I remember you always wait for me when I arrive from school and work. I still can feel your fur. You always follow me to the upstairs and climb the windows to look out if you could find any cat. I always called you “Meow”, because I know you always want to see cat. You always come to my bed to check me or sleep near my bed. You always followed me and check on me if I do any task. You always amuse me and make me happy, and I am very happy to have you in my life. You always afraid of thunder, and run to me. I will not forget you for the rest of my life, I can still see you every time I close my eye. There are many memories I cannot describe all, but I would like to say that you always in my heart. I believe one day, we will reunion again. May your soul rest in peace.

In Memory of my Dog, Lucky.

2010 – July 08, 2016

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In Memory of my Dog, Lucky
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